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Performance Solutions
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"Driving world-class performance through people to achieve
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We offer a comprehensive library of informative, engaging workshop and keynote topics designed to help organizations achieve sustainable results.
We offer an in-depth Gap Analysis that will assess specifically what is needed to enhance employee behavior and elevate the customer experience.
We offer an array of highly effective resource tools like online courses, self-assessments, micro-learning videos, customized resource guides, and more.


EMAIL: info@psbydesign.com

​We work across all industries to include: Automotive, Financial and Legal Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Luxury Retail, Private Clubs and much more. 

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We work across all industries to include :
Automotive, Financial and Legal Services, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Luxury Retail,
Manufacturing, Private Clubs, Professional Organizations, Technology, and more.

In essence, we help our clients "raise the bar" and
elevate the customer experience from average to extraordinary.

It would be our pleasure to work with your organization and we look forward to speaking with you soon!
  1. Effective Service Recovery
    01 Aug, 2019
    Effective Service Recovery
    Does your team know what effective Service Recovery should Look, Sound, and Feel like?  Well, if not allow me to clarify.  Let’s say -- someone comes to you with an issue or problem that they need resolved, how should we LOOK?  Our body language should be approachable. We should be using positive eye contact and demonstrated “active” listening to show we are interested and care. And, what should it SOUND like? We should respond using words and phrases that convey empathy and compassion. We
  2. Repetition is GOOD!
    01 Jul, 2019
    Repetition is GOOD!
    Daily Team Huddles are the most effective way to align, engage, and motivate employees to "raise the bar" and become self-accountable for consistently providing an exceptional customer experience. And, our Daily Team Huddle Facilitator Guide provides leaders with brief, timely information to share during departmental "pre-shift" briefings that employees look forward to hearing about every day! So, allow us to share just a little about this comprehensive leadership resource tool.  What is it?
  3. Raising the Bar to Create a Culture of Excellence
    01 Jun, 2019
    Raising the Bar to Create a Culture of Excellence
    What does it mean to “raise the bar” when it comes to service? I believe that there are ten basic things that anyone can immediately begin to do, whether you are an administrative assistant, a nurse, a financial advisor, a consultant like me, or even the CEO of a prestigious Fortune 500 organization.  I challenge you to try these ten simple basics over the next 21 days. I guarantee it will take customer service, loyalty, and delight to new heights within your team, department, or organization.
  4. An Average vs. Exceptional Customer Experience
    01 May, 2019
    An Average vs. Exceptional Customer Experience
    Does your team know the difference between an average vs. exceptional customer experience?  If not, allow me to clarify... Think about when a customer comes into our business, the minimum  they expect is that the service will be timely and accurate; as staff members, we will be competent in providing our service to them; we will be courteous and friendly; and most of all, they feel there’s value – because the quality of the product or service that they are purchasing is worth the dollars that
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