Raising the Bar

Since 2003, We’ve Been Committed to Helping Leaders and Organizations

Elevate the Customer Experience from Average to Extraordinary!

about Us

Performance Solutions by Design

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we are the leading provider of service excellence, customer experience, and leadership training, tools and resources.

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Theo Gilbert-Jamison

Is an Author, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Executive Coach. She is also Founder of Performance Solutions by Design. Prior to launching her company, she was Vice President of Learning & Development for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

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Our Methodology

The Six Principles of Service Excellence is at the core of everything we do. It is a sound method for identify gaps, generating sound solutions to close them, and implementing a sound strategy that rapidly achieves sustainable change.

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Why Choose Us?

We take a comprehensive approach in helping organizations create and sustain a culture of excellence. If you are interested in us partnering with your organization, here are the Top Five Questions that potential customers typically ask about Performance Solutions by Design.

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When it comes to “Raising the Bar”, you can count on us.

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